Monday, March 17, 2014

What is Golden Oceans?

          Golden Oceans is a tabletop roleplaying game focusing on exploration, discovery, and adventure. The game mechanics focus on realism but with an elegant balance of simplicity, to promote fast and easy game play. To mimic the real world, combat was designed with an emphasis on strategy. When you fight with firearms, you use cover and concealment; you flank your enemy and lay down suppressive fire. When engaging in close combat, you do not simply land blows with your weapon, but instead attempt to feint and disarm your opponents in order to gain advantage over them. Golden Oceans imitates these real life techniques in a manageable tabletop setting.

          The confidence mechanic allows players to construct fluid characters with diversity and flexibility. The player does not simply choose an archetypal class and race, but crafts the history of his character by choosing his cultural and occupational backgrounds. The prominent goal with character creation in Golden Oceans is that upon completion of his character, the player has a very clear idea of exactly where his character has been and what he has accomplished thus far in his life. Unlike other games which restrict player's choice by randomized factors (such as die rolls) this game promotes storytelling first, allowing the players to follow their own paths of logic in order to create deep and interesting characters.

          Besides the variety of different cultural, occupational, reputational, and motivational confidences, the players can also choose from a dozen different specialized classes, potentially unlocking hundreds of unique special abilities. This adds an additional level of complexity and diversity to the game, allowing each member of the party to feel "special" while giving players incentives for advancement. For instance, the player can choose to be an Inventor, allowing him access to technologies not acquirable by other players. Or perhaps the player would prefer to focus on combat, in which case he might rather be a Marksman or Martial Artist, which would grant him a variety of combat bonuses and special attacks which are not obtainable others.

          Overall, Golden Oceans unlocks a unique plethora of adventures with a focus on engaging storytelling.

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