Sunday, April 16, 2017

The Drunnish Redlands

               The Drunnish Redlands are north of the Drunin Mountains along Naxia’s western border. Most famously, the super volcano Drudaravuli (also known as Dra’Ar Avola or The Red Mountain) is located in the Redlands, ejecting molten lava on a regular basis. The legendary Red Elf is rumored to live in these lands, though no conclusive evidence has ever been gathered on the subject. This region is also known to be the hideout of the infamous outlaws Webear and Gruuf.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Digital Download NOW AVAILABLE!!!

Digital Downloads of Golden Oceans: Book One 
are now available on and!

          Featuring THREE HUNDRED special abilities called Confidences, the game of Golden Oceans maximizes character customization, putting control into the player's hand with its revolutionary Destiny mechanic. Also includes a dozen unique cultures from eight different nations, eighteen  character motivations, ninety  occupations, and  extensive descriptions of equipment, consumables, weapons,  armor,  vehicles,  animals,  and  more!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

The World of Drae

                   The game of Golden Oceans is set on the exotic world of Drae, a dangerous wasteland distinguished by its oceans of abrasive silt.  These sandy oceans, which sparkle in the light of the setting sun, were first explored by the Draeicks, the founders of science and magic. They were the first to conquer the globe but eventually destroyed themselves during an epic conflict which destabilized their society.

                   The dark ages have passed but the ruins of the Draeicks still remain scattered in the wilderness. Riding on their shoulders, humanity has advanced from primitive hunters to a diverse web of industrial societies fighting for global supremacy. Though modern inventions promote human prosperity in an inhospitable world, today's poltical climate is one of fierce rivalry, as  legions of brutish giants, hordes of insidious feys, and packs of legendary beasts fight for survival.

                   Sail across the Golden Oceans! Fight against a vast conspiracy of corrupt bankers or prevent an evil cult from summoning an elder demon.  Retrieve the bounty on an outlaw or save the local villagers from malicious bandits. Prevent a world war with your diplomacy or accompany a scientific expedition. In the game of Golden Oceans you will rely on your equipment for survival, but most importantly you will require creativity and confidence to persevere against all odds!

The Drasil Tree

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Non-Human Characters: The Wendigo

The Wendigo is a blood thirsty monster; a twisted, taunted perversion of the human form. Just like all aspects of undeath, “wendigoism” was once thought to be the physical incarnation of Nil, the elder god of destruction. According to legend, upon death a willing soul could pledge its loyalty to Nil, hence forth allying himself with Nil’s armies of destruction and therefore gaining the powers of undeath. However, modern science has since proven that undeath is the result of a parasitic disease, usually contracted through the consumption of human blood. The rage and delirium commonly associated with cannibalism are most likely symptoms caused by the early effects of “autonecrotosis”.

This strain of undeath slowly consumes and converts the victim’s entire body. Requiring large amounts of energy, the disease sends signals to the victim’s brain; he becomes increasingly violent as his cravings for blood overwhelm him. After several days of gorging himself, his “blood lust” period subsides as he falls into a state of extreme exhaustion. This nearly comatose state of hibernation concludes after a week or two, during which time the autonecrotosis uses the nutrition from the stored blood to mutate the victim’s anatomy. He emerges, this time a full-fledge Wendigo.

                In the Drae Planarum, the ancient draeicks wrote many volumes on the powers of the wendigo. They are described as, “creatures without conscience, who kill so that they might fill the empty void which is the absence of their humanity. The wendigo is immune to pain, fear, and cannot be bought or intimidated. It is a primal creature who cannot die until it is hacked into pieces and incinerated with fire or magic. Like all undead, the wendigo will never succumb to exhaustion; if you are ever tracked by a wendigo, it is kill or be killed.