Friday, January 1, 2016

Occupational Backgrounds

Occupational backgrounds are an important aspect of Golden Oceans. Your character is not simply an archetypal character, but a complex individual with previous work experiences, cultural influences, and personal motivations. When creating your character you will choose from over ninety unique occupational backgrounds comprising the full spectrum of the pre-digital workforce. Choose to be a wandering hobo, a corrupt politician, a hardworking blacksmith, or a fearless explorer.  The following is an excerpt from Golden Oceans: Book One, which reveals two occupational categories, the "Aristocrat" and the "Wanderer".

"Ultimately, Cultural, Occupational, and Reputational Confidences encapsulate the character's background, describing at a quick glance the character's place of origin, profession, and his associations with various established organizations. A good player will attempt to interweave his Motivational and Heroic Confidences into the previously mentioned "background" confidences to help paint a picture of where his character has been, where he is going, and why he continues to go."
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