Thursday, March 24, 2016

Book Three: Ancient Magic

     The first book of Golden Oceans is just the tip of the iceberg, covering combat and physically-based confidences in the main categories of Martial Artist, Marksman, Thief, and Survivalist. The second book will involve the advance technologies of the "experimentalists" and will include confidences from the Inventor, Mentalist, and Morphologist categories.

     The third book of Golden Oceans will feature Ancient Magic. When the ancient cataclysm brought an end to the reign of the Draeicks, the secrets of magic were lost to time. Since that era, thousands of years have passed, and humankind has toiled and labored to piece together the lost secrets of the Draeicks in order to unlock these supernatural powers.

     In Golden Oceans: Ancient Magic, not only will the players have access to a wide variety of supernatural weapons, mystical artifacts, and cursed demonic relics, but also a wide variety of magical spells. Purchase confidences within the Ritualist category to have access to the abilties of the Scriptist and the Demonologist. As a Ritualist, who can script magical bullets, which shoot with the force of a cannon, or freeze an opponent on a successful hit. Scripts can also be used to strengthen armor and even create seals of protection or teleportation.

     The Spiritualist, Geomancer, and Shinobi utilize meditation and techniques of channeling to transfer Essence into magical spells. The Spiritualist focuses on channeling his own Essence in the tradition of the animist to promote health and growth. The Geomancer pools his Essence through into a soul stone to allow him to perform astounding feats of elemental magic. Finally, the Shinobi uses the fury of battle to channel his essence and rage into powerful chi attacks.

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