Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Continent of Westrich

Westrich is an arid continent in the western hemisphere of the planet Drae. Its name derives from the Gremmish tongue, whose early explorers called the continent "Westrich", literally meaning "western riches". Commonly referred to as the "Red Continent" due to the large accumilation of oxidized iron in the soil, this landmass is dissected into four sections by the Drunin Mountains. The four major regions are Vyspia (the northern highlands), Osaria (the furtile lowlands), Slyph (the western magelands), and the Kura Penninsula (a strategic military asset, which includes the "Dead Lands").

One of the earliest human civilizations was founded in the Osarian Valley by humans who descended into the lowlands from Drunnish caves; where they fled persecution from their Durilick masters. This land was once arid and barren, like the rest of Westrich, but was fertilized over centuries by the super volcano, Drudravuli. Today, the land of Osar is the home to the Compass Alliance, whose lineage can be directly traced to the influx of Gremmish settlers during the Age of High Imperialism. Growing from small individual colonies into a modern conglomerate with global influence, the Compass Alliance was founded on the ideals of democracy, but has since been corrupted into a vicious empire.

Westrich is also the home of the Drunnish Capitol, Duhkur, known as the "International City of Magic". Duhkur is the heart of the Drunnish Empire but remains under the control of the Weizish Aristocracy. A strange irony exists in the peaceful relationship between the Compass Alliance (who traditionally have outlawed magic within their territory) and the Drunnish Empire (who have built an entire society on the ideals of Feyish magic). Many call attention to the Hydration Industry to explain the bizarre political hypocracy between these two states. Indeed, if you follow the money, you find that the Compass Alliance depends on the large influx of water from the Drunnish Ice Mines in order to create the vast quantities of steel required to build the weapons required to maintain their vast global empire.

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