Saturday, July 1, 2017

The Continent of Pan Valia

Pan Valia is a collection of landmasses and large islands in the northern hemisphere of Drae. Renowned for its luscious grass, majestic rolling hills, and seas of jagged ice; Pan Valia is colloquially referred to as the "Greenlands" by the citizens of the Compass Alliance. Extremely mountainous, the majority of the Valian mainland is high in altitude; over ten-thousand feet above sea-level. The low-lying boglands are prized realestate, easily turning a profit from the highly traversed waterways. Areas of dense woodlands are common in Valia, however the majority of the outlying islands can only sustain grass, moss, and lichen.

Originally the homeland of the formidable Valians, today the descendants of that once noble empire exist in the various incarnations which took control after the collapse. From the Valian power vacuum, the Gremmish Empire would be the first to organize, developing into a global empire of industrial and economic superiority. It was the Gremmish who first circumnavigated the planet, giving us the modern names for the oceans and continents.Gremmish has since grown to become one of the most prominent languages on the planet Drae. Other prominent nations of Pan Valia include the Kingdom of Sylvania, the Republic of Linder, the Na'lan Empire, and the Confederation of Quezal (which is techniquely a disputed territory of the Gremmish Empire).

Due to its location in the northern hemisphere, Pan Valia has strange seasonal occurances such as extremely long days or nights, and the ever bizarre "Northern Lights". During the summer months the icy oceans surrounding Valia break down into icebergs, however during the frigid winters, the oceans freeze solid, often connecting landmasses which would otherwise be seperate. Indeed, the Sylvanian Penninsula is surrounded on three sides by water, but freezes over during the winter to create a fully land-locked country. For obvious reasons, icebreaker ships are common in these waters. The undesputed epitomy of this is the self-healing Drasil Ship, plated with Draenorium Armor.

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