Sunday, July 2, 2017

The Continent of Delvariah

Delvariah is the smallest continent on the planet Drae. Located in the southern hemisphere, Delvariah is primarily comprised of the coastal Del Floodlands and the mountainous Variah Plateau. Surrounded on the northern coast by the deadly Mara Ocean and to the south by the Black Waters of Delvariah, the continent has historically remained free from conquest due to its deadly coastal waters and distant isolation. In modern times Delvariah is colloquially referred to as "Mara Gem"; being the last remaining "wildlands" yet to be conquered by the numerous empires and industries.

The lowlying Del Floodlands are sparsely populated by native humans, but the Variah Plateau, which contains the vast majority of "wildlands" is dominated by tribes of primal creatures such as the Soth,  Sasquatch, Pigmy, and Haug. Though a few tribes near the Del Floodlands are friendly to humans, the majority of these troglodytes are feral, savage, and even cannibalistic. There are many natural resources in the jungles of Variah, including medicine, rubber, sugar, coffee, tobacco, and even naturally occuring veins of precious metal, such as gold, silver, and draenorium. Settlers from the Goath Empire, Compass Alliance, and Coalition of Free Guilds have swarmed to the Mara Gem in recent years; leading to a renaissance in imperialism in the southern hemisphere.

Delvariah is littered with strange predatory and parasitic creatures. The spanx is the epitomy of brains over brawn. Utilizing vocal mimicry the spanx recreates the mating sounds of local predators, taking beasts three times its size by surprise. Vicious creatures, the spanx always goes for the jugular to insure a swift, quiet kill. Giant leeches are also a terror of Delvariah. Secreting a natural pain-killer, they can drain a person dry in their sleep without ever waking them. There are many perils for those brave explorers who dare to traverse the wildlands, but we depend on them to forge the path through the darkness.

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