Saturday, July 1, 2017

The Continent of Eastrund

Eastrund is the largest continent on the planet Drae, located in the eastern hemisphere. Its named derives from the Gremmish tongue, literally meaning "Eastern Mounds" (in reference to the numerous mountains and sand dunes). In ancient times, this land was referred to as "Skahiria" and was mostly dominated by shang, trivicks, and giants. The Cahirian River Basin was the first region to support human life on the continent of Eastrund, approximately three hundred years before the first Osarians would migrate down from the mountains. These early Cahirians are categorized by anthropologists into two major groups, the Messick and the Lummick tribes.

The Messick are most notable for being the primary genetic lineage of modern humans in Eastrund. The Lummick would later migrate north, creating their own empire and laying the foundations for the famous Valian Empire; before returning to conquer the Messick peoples. Today the two militaristic super powers controlling the continent are the Cahirian and Goath Empires. The Edumechian Mountains split the continent in half, the north being controlled by the Cahirians and the south by the Goath. The Yru Pass is a wide canyon between the eastern and western stretches of the Edumechian Mountains. Being the easiest route of travel from the north to the south, it is a major trade route and strategic military asset (currently controlled by the Cahirians).

Eastrund is divided into five geographic regions: Cahir (north-western lowlands), Sa'Lam (north-earthern lowlands), Sabra (central desert), Goa (southern lowlands), and Edumechia (eastern and western mountain ranges). Most notably, Sabra is the black heart of the continent, where cults, witches, slavers, and warlords still reign supreme. It is in these inhospitible lands that many foreigners come in search of magical treasures, long lost by the draeick ancients in their buried tombs. Eastrund is a land of great beauty, diverse human culture, and majestic wildlife, but also a violent place controlled by tyrannical empires, packs of vicious beasts, and hordes of monsterous giants.

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