Thursday, December 24, 2015

G.O. Equipment Preview

Golden Oceans utilizes a system which focuses heavily on the use of equipment to supplement the character's ability to succeed at a desired task. In my experience, all roleplaying games utilize equipment, but very few make carrying equipment worthwhile. Ever play a session where your character trudged across an entire continent with a backpack full of supplies you barely touched? Often times you might have even forgotten you had your signal mirror until the moment to use it had already passed.

In the game of Golden Oceans, utilizing different types of equipment results in various bonuses, such as rope adding to Athletics skill rolls involving climbing, with an additional bonus when utilized in combination with a repelling harness. Wearing a nice suit makes you more credible with strangers, granting a bonus to Connection and Deception skill rolls. Driving a "hotrod" grants a bonus to Driving rolls involving speeding, while a "truck" grants a bonus to Driving rolls while off-roading.

Equipment does more than just increase skills. Clothing protects the character against the effects of harsh weather such as frostbite or sunburn, while an overcoat even grants the character Damage Reduction against physical attacks to the arms and torso. Boots also grant Damage Reduction against trauma to the feet, such as walking over hot coals or stepping on a rusty nail.

Consumables are very important as well. Eating a hearty meal rejuvenates lost Stamina, while drinking coffee grants a bonus to Concentration. There are also a wide variety of unique consumables, available only in the world of Golden Oceans. The Abaras Flower, also referred to as the Elywith Plant, causes a psycho-active effect, forcing the character into a trance-like state, increasing his spiritual sensitivity and restoring his emotional health called Essence.

Being an Eagle Scout, I have been on many camping trips. I've hiked over mountains, crawled through underground streams, and sailed a forty foot yacht. I can tell you, equipment is extremely valuable to an adventurer and should be rightfully represented in rpgs. The concepts of Golden Oceans are heavily influenced by my own personal experiences and deep research into real expeditions in order to develop a system that is fun, rewarding, and realistic.

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