Wednesday, December 23, 2015

G.O. Preview

                 Take to the seas of silted sand, the Golden Oceans are your portal to distant continents laden with tombs of ancient treasure! Journey through the Sabran Desert to find the hidden city of Fech Fech, battle against savage Garran giants towering ten feet high, or struggle through the harsh nights of freezing winds and the terribly vicious sandstorms which force travelers to lose their way.
Trudge through the Osarian Swamps to slay a creature terrorizing the nearby farmers or travel through the Feyish capitol of Duhkur to discover the legendary "Elder-Dark", where it is rumored that derelicts toil with dark and ancient magics. The game of Golden Oceans is an unlimited experience! By utilizing the resources in this book, you and your friends can access literally hundreds of hours of entertainment!

Featuring nearly THREE HUNDRED special abilities called Confidences, the game of Golden Oceans maximizes character customization, putting control into the player's hand with its revolutionary Destiny mechanic. Also includes a dozen unique cultures from eight different nations, eighteen character motivations, ninety occupations, and extensive descriptions of equipment, consumables, weapons,  armor,  vehicles,  animals,  and  more!

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