Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Story of Golden Oceans

The game of Golden Oceans is set in an exotic and dangerous land. Once a lush paradise, the world has since been warped by an ancient cataclysm, leaving behind mostly barren desert and oceans viscous with abrasive silt. The Draeicks, a prehistoric civilization credited with the founding of science and magic, almost destroyed the planet in an epic conflict which led to their demise. Now, thousands of years later, humanity has advanced from primitive hunters to an industrial power with potential for global supremacy. However, there are many rivals for the position; epic armies of giants, hordes of insidious faeries, and packs of legendary beasts standing in the way of humanity's rise to the top. In the wastelands, you will rely heavily on your equipment for survival, but ultimately you will require creativity and strategy to persevere against all odds.

With each book of Golden Oceans, you will not only be purchasing a game, but also a unique story, illustrating the details of the bizarre people, places, and creatures found in this world. Utilize the resources in this book to adventure through this dangerous world or create your own setting to use as a backdrop with the game’s highly flexible ruleset. As a “modern fantasy” the mechanics of Golden Oceans are compatible with a wide variety of scenarios and do not constrain the players to one type of genre or one period of history. Ultimately the goal of Golden Oceans is to grant freedom to the players in order to promote fun and creative storylines in bizarre and deadly situations.

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